“Part of me thought all along that the Old Knitting Factory and I were meant to be. Like I was drawn here by the universe or something.” Betsy Cornwell touches the stone wall of the 1906 Connemara kn…….

Single parenthood is never a task for the faint of heart. Rarely is it undertaken by choice. This was the case for Rom, a Ferengi male who had to raise his son Nog after his wife chose to leave their marriage once the standard five year marriag…….

Single parents have always shouldered extra responsibilities, but the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated challenges for this growing segment of the Alberta population. According to census data from Statistics Canada, Alberta is home to more tha…….

Abby Segal and her 4-year-old daughter Aliyah weather the challenges of single parenting during a pandemic. (Photo: Alexander Clegg/Jewish News)
Local Jewish single parents on homeschooling, need for support and the unc…….

By Kayalvizhi ArivalanLearnings from single parents on how to raise kids in a responsible manner despite the challenges involved
A 2019-’20 UN Women report titled Progress of the World’s Women states that about 4.5 per cent of Indian househ…….

The hardest thing about single parenting in the pandemic has been the abyss of loneliness coupled with responsibilities that cannot be met. My son needs help navigating remote school; this is a situation built for stay-at-home parents, but I ca…….

There’s not another country in the world with more kids living in single-parent households than in the U.S. And for a lot of those families, the pandemic has been especially challenging. Reset brings on a researcher — and opens the phones t…….