Progressive Single Parenting: Lessons From Rom – Star Trek

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Single parenthood is never a task for the faint of heart. Rarely is it undertaken by choice. This was the case for Rom, a Ferengi male who had to raise his son Nog after his wife chose to leave their marriage once the standard five year marriage contract was up. We first meet Rom and Nog on Deep Space Nine where they gladly follow the Ferengi customs that they were both brought up with when it comes to the role of parent and the role of males in general in Ferengi culture. Rom wholeheartedly accepts that he will play second fiddle to his older brother Quark, because he knows that he does not have the lobes to be a good businessman. Yet when it comes to the raising of his son, Rom pushes past this long-established family hierarchy and stands up for what is in the best interest of his child.

Initially both Rom and Commander Sisko are against their sons becoming friends, but as time wears on they realize that both Jake and Nog need each other and complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This friendship opens the door for both the Ferengi father and his son to start growing away from the cultural confines of their shared experiences so far. Through their exposure to positive friendships with other species they open themselves emotionally to the cultural diversity that Deep Space Nine offers them at every step.

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Rom sees the opportunities that Nog will have while attending Keiko’s school, so he continues to stand up for his son, insisting that there is more to life to learn than how to run a business and make a profit. Both Nog and Rom share a talent for mechanics. Slowly Quark sees the value in this as it gives him free access to maintenance of his bar’s equipment, and lets his two relatives pursue this line of interest.

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Nog’s and Rom’’s relationship deepens as they work together as both waiters and maintenance staff within Quark’s bar. Through his exposure to machine repair, and through conversations with the Starfleet officers who drift through the bar, Nog decides that traditional Ferengi life is not …….



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